IRCTC PNR Enquiry - Solution to All Railway Ticket Status Problems
02.12.2013 15:04

Indian Railway network is the lifeline of millions across India. Due to its intense connectivity Indian Railways is the medium through which 25 million passengers commute daily. It’s one of the largest railway networks of the world and was established as a nationalised unit in the year 1951. It’s operated by the Government of India through the Railway ministry. In the initial years of its set up, the Indian Railways was a difficult service to the passengers because it required passengers to stand in long queues to buy tickets and make reservations, but the system of IRCTC PNR enquiry has changed the whole scenario and today booking a railway ticket is a chore that can be done even sitting at home. In fact, just at higher prices in case of emergency, the ticket can be purchased immediately by the option of ‘Tatkal’.

The IRCTC PNR enquiry is a very easy task. All a person making the booking or cancelling the booking has to do is to log in to the IRCTC account with the help of the user ID and password allotted by the IRCTC, and make the IRCTC PNR enquiry or send an SMS to 57866 and make any PNR enquiry through mobile phone. PNR stands for the Passenger Name record and it holds all the information provided by the passenger while he is making the railway booking through the IRCTC website. This PNR number is the guide for the passenger to browse all the required information on his/her booking. It assists the passenger in knowing the status of the booking made as well as making the permissible modifications.


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