Check IRCTC PNR Status and Board The Train
18.10.2013 15:09

With the increasing number of commuters in trains, it is becoming very hard to get a reservation in trains. Most of the trains are full of passengers all the year round even though many new trains are introduced every year. On busy routes, there are daily trains as well as weekly trains taking passengers to their destinations. During the weekends the number of people traveling increases, as many people who work away from home go to their houses. Often passengers have no other option than to book tickets in RAC or waiting list, hoping that their tickets get confirmed by the time they board the train. They are offered the facility to check IRCTC PNR status on the website of IRCTC and get the current status of their tickets.
RAC stands for the Reservation against Cancellation and here you get your tickets confirmed only if enough cancellations take place. When tickets in RAC get confirmed, those in the waiting list are upgraded to the RAC status. Passengers in RAC can travel in reserved coaches and they get a seat to sit and travel.
You have the option to check IRCTC PNR status online only till the final charts are prepared, which is about 4 hours prior to the journey. After the chart preparation, you can check the status of your ticket only at the railway station. Sometimes even after you board the train, you may get your ticket confirmed due to last-minute cancellation by people who reach the station late and thus, missing the train or due to some emergency coming up.


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